Thomas Bembridge

Working in the cloud native space

My first open source pull request


After starting to get a little more familiar with our current tech stack at work. I have been looking into finding some interesting open-source projects to contribute too. There is so much great libraries and frameworks out there that we get to use for free, and I really want to try and contribute something back. Not to mention its a ... Read More

Thoughts and reflections heading into 2017


2016 For the last few years I have been on loan to various interesting R&D projects within the company. This has allowed me to focus on my passion for software development, but it has also left me without a place in the company to really call home. Then sometime last year a new department was formed within the ... Read More

Hosted services for code coverage and quality metrics - part 2


Finishing of this series ended up taking longer than I initially thought. I got a little side tracked after my first post, Hosted services for code coverage and quality metrics - Part 1. Spent some time figuring out how the Codacy API worked, and wrote a blog post about that. Check out Accessing your code quality metrics through the Codacy ... Read More

Hosted services for code coverage and quality metrics - part 1


As mentioned in my previous blog post Spring Boot code quality metrics using SonarQube in docker we have been focusing on getting some tools and services into our workflow that will give us better insight into our test coverage and overall code quality. Our requirements have been pretty simple: Java support, preferably also javascript Code coverage calculated out as a ... Read More