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Testing Spring-Boot apps with Spock and Groovy - Part 1


Introduction Test-Driven Development seems to be one of those topics nowadays that almost everyone agrees is super important when it comes to developing high quality software. Yet when the time comes to sit down and code, it`s often treated as an afterthought. We write some code, and then hopefully we throw on a few tests afterwards. I see this ... Read More

Spring-Boot-Create-React-App starter-kit


Last week I wrote a small post on how we where working on setting up a new front-end setup based on Create-React-App at work, New front-end setup based on Create-React-App. We actually finished our new setup this Thursday, and by end-of-day Friday we had already migrated two of our existing services over onto the new setup. Been super impressed and ... Read More

Spring Boot code quality metrics using SonarQube in docker


As part of an effort to gain some visibility into our overall code quality we have been working on integrating some tools and services that analyse code and provides code quality and test coverage metrics. Some of our team members have had good experience using SonarQube for this type of code related insights. So we attempted to find a hosted ... Read More

Simplify your Springfox/Swagger setup with Springfox-Loader


Today I want to shine some light on Springfox-Loader, a nice little library written by a friend of mine, Jarle Hansen. What does it do? Springfox-Loader: Simplifies the initialization of Springfox. It does not offer all the flexibility and configuration options available in Springfox, but is created to be a simple way to get spring + swagger up and running without ... Read More