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Working in the cloud native space

Adding VSCode User Snippets to your project


On Friday, I was experimenting with creating some User Snippets in VSCode that would fit our current coding style and workflow. We are already using the Simple React Snippets extension by Burke Holland that remove a lot of boilerplate writing for us. But there's still some gaps between what those snippets do, and how we do things in our projects. ... Read More

Summary of thoughts and learnings after attending Sam Newmans - Designing Microservices workshop @ NDC 2017


About Sam Newman Sam Newman is an author, speaker, and independent consultant interested in cloud, continuous delivery and microservices. He travels around the world speaking at conferences and holding workshops on various topics regarding microservices. He is also the author of the book Building Microservices. One of the first comprehensive books regarding the topic of microservices. If your interested in ... Read More

Testing Spring-Boot apps with Spock and Groovy - Part 1


Introduction Test-Driven Development seems to be one of those topics nowadays that almost everyone agrees is super important when it comes to developing high quality software. Yet when the time comes to sit down and code, it`s often treated as an afterthought. We write some code, and then hopefully we throw on a few tests afterwards. I see this ... Read More

Spring-Boot-Create-React-App starter-kit


Last week I wrote a small post on how we where working on setting up a new front-end setup based on Create-React-App at work, New front-end setup based on Create-React-App. We actually finished our new setup this Thursday, and by end-of-day Friday we had already migrated two of our existing services over onto the new setup. Been super impressed and ... Read More